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I'm thrilled you'd like to get news about my projects, publications, and appearances! I send newschats only occasionally, so don't worry about getting inundated.

As a special thank-you for signing up, I'll send you three short, complete works, exclusively available to my newschat list:
  1. Deep Trouble, a novelette featuring my favorite alter ego, Lillian Byrd.
  2. 9 Fast Character Hacks, a brief for writers on creating believable, vibrant fictional people.
  3. The Lake Effect, a personal essay on being a writer from the Midwest.
If you don't get an email with these links within 36 hours, check your spam folder. Your name and address will never be shared with, sold to, or forwarded to anyone else, and there's an easy unsubscribe link in each email. If you have any questions about this list, just email me: esims@elizabethsims.com.

And now, keep an eye on your inbox for your free starter pack of my writing, with my thanks!

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